Hinge Drilling Jig, Hettich

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  • For precision installation of hinges on one off or custom made items or for retrofitting furniture doors at the customer
  • Precision, clean, angled hole drillings
  • Carbide tipped drill bits
  • No “running away” of the drill bit when drilling half moon drillings
  • Precision, clean hole drilling for hinges and mounting plates
  • Hand drills or cordless screwdriver required
  • The DrillJig Hinge can be used for mounting the following hinge and mounting plate ranges:
    – Sensys, Novisys, Intermat, Kamat, SlideOn, Selekta Pro 2000, Selekta Pro 2035

Set comprises:

  • 1 drill body for hinges
  • 1 drill body for mounting plates
  • 1 hexagonal driver
  • 1 drill bit, 35 mm ø, chucked
  • 2 drill bits 10 mm ø, chucked

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